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 Captain Thomas Project
Hey Michelle! Regards From Memphis!!
Neues Album 2014
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New CD 2014
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Songs on the Radio:
Radioswisspop, Radioswissjazz, Kölner Domradio u.a.
 New CD He Michelle! Regards From Memphis!
   Captain Thomas Project
   Hey Michelle! Regards from Memphis!
Album - Plattentaufe!!
Official CD Release:
14. März 2015 Winterthur

Old Timer Bar

21:00 Uhr - Wülflingerstrasse 18
-- Tanzabend !!!
Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Pop, Covers. Elvis,
Beatles, Clapton, Cash, Berry, Dylan...

-- Eintritt Frei /Kollekte --

A_CD_WEB_Band Captain Thomas Project new CD out now!! Erste CD Debut Album Overcome The Blues Captain Thomas Project
     Captain Thomas Project
     Overcome The Blues
     June 2008 / 10.- Fr.
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